The IT industry has a huge potential in the field of SEO. It allows us to carry out extremely diverse activities that affect the position of the website in search engines.

Regardless of whether we run a large software development company from Poland or we act alone, dealing with mobile application development or front-end development – our positioning possibilities are very wide.

Knowledge potential

We should focus all our actions first of all on content marketing. We can benefit from such a wide range of specialized and general knowledge, that regular publication should not be a problem for us. It is worth betting mainly on various types of tutorials that will explain the most burning issues.

They may concern both the subject, around which we rotate every day, as well as the already mentioned general knowledge, associated with the operation of computers. In this way we are able to gather around us a large group of readers, who will not only generate traffic to the site, but perhaps become interested in the services provided. However, the most important thing seems to be trust, which we will gain in this way. Speaking from the position of an expert is the best tactic in this industry.

Of course we have to make sure that the published content is unique and verified – any factual errors will be pointed out immediately. We must also focus on the natural use of any keywords. It is especially worth betting on long tail phrases, which will improve our position in the organic results. The mentioned guides are perfect for placing long tail phrases, for example in headings.

Promotion potential

Regardless of the industry in which we operate, when planning positioning activities we must take into account the so-called link building, i.e. acquiring links from external services that will refer to our website.

In case of IT companies and Software Houses there are many places where such links can be placed. It is worth betting, among others, on industry websites with a high index, as well as various types of Internet forums. These are also good places to carry out sponsored actions, based among others on the publication of special articles.

Since we are talking about sponsored campaigns, it’s also worth considering taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the Google AdWords system. This method is effective primarily at the beginning of your business, when you want to generate traffic to your website.

It is worth remembering that not only external links can improve the position of the site in search results. Internal linking is also important. It allows search engine algorithms to move around our site – in this way they also evaluate the rank of specific subpages. If many links lead to them, they are ranked higher. Linking from “strong” subpages to the home page can also help.

It is very important to regularly check our site for broken or outdated links. The worst situation will be when no internal link leads to several subpages. It is then invisible for mentioned algorithms. Analyzing a page from this angle will be facilitated by numerous tools available on the web. A huge selection of such solutions can be counted on, especially by those who build their sites on the WordPress system.

Optimization vs. positioning

This brings us to the technical issues that are often overlooked when implementing actions that will guarantee us a higher position in search results.

We should focus on two issues. The first is related to creating the so-called sitemap, which will show the search engine algorithms the structure of the site and the rank of individual subpages. Creating such a file should not be too difficult, but if we have doubts whether we are doing it properly, it is worth using special software.

The second issue concerns User Experience and general website operation. If particular subpages load too slowly, it will influence evaluation of both users and Google robots. All this makes it necessary to spend a lot of time on optimization. Pay attention especially to published graphics, which in an uncompressed version may significantly load the website.

It is worth reminding how important it may be to fill in the ALT attribute of each picture that is placed on the website. Thanks to this, search engine algorithms will get information about what is in the picture. It will also be indexed and moved to the Google Graphics section, from where many internet users can find it.

Positioning SEO of IT companies and Software House websites is much easier because they have a huge potential, which we can use in many ways. Thanks to this we are able to effectively fight for high positions in search results.