Routers currently allow you to connect several devices via an internet cable or connect via Wi-Fi.

Naturally, we can connect our desktop computer, laptop, connect portable devices such as a smartphone or tablet. Of course, nowadays more and more devices that we have at home can use internet connectivity, smart TV will be a good example. When using streaming platforms such as Netflix, we can see that it offers images in different resolutions, currently it is also 4K resolution. In this case, we will need a high-speed connection that will be able to transfer data, allowing us to display the image in high definition.

Speed ‚Äč‚Äčtest of our internet connection

If we want to connect the TV with a cable, then we can use a wireless network. Of course, we will have to check whether the signal reaches the TV set, whether it is suitable, for this we can use various types of software or websites where we can check the connection speed. In this case, the data transfer in both directions will be tested, we will know what ping, IP address we have. Of course, many people who like games have consoles that we can also connect to the Internet to participate in online games. In this case, we will also need access to the Internet, so the speed test will be important if we want to create a virtual entertainment center at home.

Sometimes we can notice that our internet does not work as it should, it slows down, then speeds up, it may be caused by the use of the link by various types of programs that will update, for example drivers, then we can notice that, for example, websites load slower. It is worth noting that currently updates, websites, use a large amount of data, so our links should be faster and faster to keep up with the development of technology.

If we want to check if the internet package we have purchased from the provider has the right speed, we can use testing programs, it can also be speed test made online, so let’s make sure that we will be able to use the full connection, enjoy high-quality picture and sound or play new online games.